Strategy and Human Capital

Strategic planning and business decisions

Services conceived to collaborate with general managers, shareholders and/or public sector authorities seeking to professionalize the strategic planning and thinking process at their organizations and/or assessing a strategic or structural decision for their business (sale, merger, outsourcing, etc.) that requires comprehensive specialized advice.

Our role consists of structuring, guiding and stimulating the thinking process. Our consultants in this area contribute knowledge and analytical methods, but fundamentally the experience of having participated in numerous similar situations, interacting with key actors in diverse sectors of the economy. We do not go unnoticed among top managers of organizations in our efforts to motivate thinking on major business issues, facilitating identification and landing of ideas, consensual decisions, and crucial dilemmas to be analyzed, resolved and implemented in concrete actions.

Our firm’s capabilities allow us to address these services with multidisciplinary teams directed by senior professionals experienced in management, and including, as necessary, specialists from other areas of the firm such as taxes, finance, economics, audit, labor and attorneys.

We don’t stop at definition of strategies, but instead always look to execution and viability of decisions. Using the Balanced Scorecard method, we translate the strategy defined into objectives, goals, operating plans and actions, with specific staff responsible for them and timeframes for implementation.

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