Processes and technology

Project management

Project Management implies applying knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to project leadership and management activities, with a view to efficiently meeting the objectives set.

Activities to be managed include those related to monitoring and following up on project progress with respect to the established plan, quality of project products, control of project costs, management of human resources involved, planning and execution of communications, and risk management, among others.

Our approach

The methodology used by CPA Ferrere for project management is tailored to each client’s needs and the objectives of each type of project, making it possible to manage activities efficiently and developing control mechanisms for detecting and managing risks that threaten successful project implementation, aligning the various work fronts with the corporate strategy.

Our project management methods make it possible to:

  • centralize and coordinate project management;
  • establish uniform procedures and apply homogenous methods;
  • centralize tools, technologies and resources used only for project management;
  • centralize supervision of compliance with project timelines, initiatives and budgets;
  • establish and coordinate quality standards associated with project products or deliverables;
  • manage change and tear down barriers that prevent successful project implementation;
  • centralize administration of project communications, documents and reports.


Project Management Advice, involving the following, among other aspects:

  • support to management in preparing Strategic Plan;
  • support for preparation of Operating Plans and Projections;
  • advice on selection of technological tools supporting project administration methods and processes;
  • support for selecting mechanisms and tools for project tracking and monitoring (for example, report design, trend analyses, indicators chart).

Implementation of Project Management Office (PMO) to centralize and coordinate project management. CPA Ferrere offers the following PMO implementation services, among others:

  • preparation of Strategic Plan or Master Plan for projects;
  • definition of Organizational Structure for projects (definition of roles and functions, integration, and meetings of project management bodies);
  • design and implementation of Management Reports (Performance, Variation and Status reports, among others);
  • development of mechanisms for Management Control involved in project monitoring and tracking, analyzing trends based on compliance with established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), creating and maintaining the control panel as a monitoring mechanism for senior management;
  • Project Management support implying managing of the communications process within projects, integration actions, support to committees and work fronts, and managing information generated by the project.

Why choose us

Our services’ value added is that we have developed successful work methods and procedures geared to “making things happen,” so that the PMO is the engine that drives everyone involved in a project to achieve the objectives and initiatives established.

The most noteworthy aspects that set us apart from the rest include the following:

  • we have successfully conducted large-scale project management in different sectors of the economy;
  • we have broad experience in PMO implementation, and particularly in IT project management;
  • we put together a multidisciplinary team of professionals certified in project management and specialists in diverse areas such as IT, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Training, Finance, etc.

All of these differential aspects allow us to offer our clients flexible and personalized solutions, adapted to their specific needs.

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