Processes and technology

Business Process Management (BPM) implementation

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

It is a methodology that concentrates on articulating strategic initiatives with business processes supported by technological standards, which makes it possible to optimize processes and generate added value for the business.

Our approach

The main objective of our BPM implementation services is to provide advice to clients geared to achieving optimization and continuous efficiency of business processes. To this end we have developed a methodology that ensures successful implementation of BPM solutions, making it possible to:

  • improve operating efficiency through systemic business process management;
  • reduce and optimize process execution times;
  • simplify operations, eliminating activities that do not add value (duplication, redundancy, additional reviews, useless data), stepping up speed and cutting costs in performance of activities with value added;
  • monitor compliance with process in an expeditious, simple and flexible way;
  • develop mechanisms for integration with internal and external data bases and systems.


Analysis and Diagnostics, which make it possible to assess current maturity in process management in any organization, facilitating:

  • understanding of business strategy, operating processes, organization and technological infrastructure through detailed surveys conducted by our team of specialists;
  • establishing the dynamics and sequencing of business functions, the objectives associated with each process, the organizational units that perform them, relevant inputs and outputs, as well as the products/services they generate;
  • identification of problem situations and opportunities for improvement in line with the business strategy.

Design / Redesign of BPM Processes, which implies:

  • modeling processes based on the opportunities for improvement detected, eliminating activities with no added value and proposing improvements to existing processes or process redesign according to the impact of existing weaknesses or failures on current processes.
  • To provide these services we use different tools, such as Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), which consists of an easily legible and understandable standardized graphic notation that permits business process modeling in a workflow format.

    Process Monitoring, which implies:

    • design of operating indicators for process compliance (for example, tracking of client orders) to identify and correct problems detected;
    • design of strategic indicators permitting control of alignment of processes with strategy.

    Advice on selection of technology alternatives.

    At CPA Ferrere we help our clients select technological alternatives that provide better support for process design, proposing alternative software that best fits their needs.

    BPM platform implementation.

    We use a set of different IT tools that allow us to automate processes and implement them in organizations.

    Why choose us

    We have led highly important BPM solutions implementation projects in the context of national government modernization.

    Our professionals have broad experience in functional analysis and BPM solutions implementation nationally and internationally in the public and private sectors.

    We offer turnkey services, providing comprehensive solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

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