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Business Intelligence applications implementation

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

It is the set of methods, applications and technologies capable of transforming data and destructured information – coming from both the organization itself and externally – into information relevant for improvement of business decision making.

Our Approach

Our broad and varied advisory services experience in BI solutions implementation has allowed us to prove that the methods used by our firm make it possible to generate a great competitive advantage for our clients by achieving an agile process for decision making and rapid response to their business problems.

Our methods are geared to:

  • generating key information to improve competitiveness through intelligent decision making that takes advantage of existing data;
  • providing organizations with the knowledge necessary to identify business opportunities and to increase income;
  • effectively monitoring compliance with strategic plan objectives, by generating reports, detecting time deviations, and implementing timely actions to correct them;
  • optimizing performance of systems and applications, making it possible to use the information they generate;
  • providing access to integrated, updated information, avoiding information “islands.”


  • Conceptual Model Design for Corporate Information Systems. At CPA Ferrere we understand that in order for the information generated to facilitate the decision making process it must be timely, relevant and reliable. Hence our services focus on designing stable solutions that facilitate integration and administration of information.
  • Analysis and Reporting. Identification and analysis of the critical variables that affect business are relevant for speed and efficiency in the decision making process. Our analysis and reporting services consist of studying historical data, identifying trends, providing projections for the variables having the biggest impact on the client’s business, and generating flexible reports tailored to each user’s information needs.
  • Design and Implementation of Balanced Score Cards. Anything that can’t be measured can’t be controlled. Hence the Balanced Score Card is an excellent tool to monitor management and to take corrective action rapidly. Our service consists of advising on the definition of strategic objectives and defining the indicators for monitoring performance.
  • Advice on selection and implementation of IT solutions. Selection of the right system means being in line with the company’s information needs. Our professionals’ vast experience and high quality foster the success of the process of selection and implementation of different IT solutions, ensuring that our client’s investment pays off.
  • Definition of technological architectures. In line with current standards, solution design must consider using multi-level architecture, responding to architectural requirements that ensure accessibility, scalability, availability, failure tolerance, distribution, process management, and heterogeneity.
  • Advice on development of specific solutions and integration with other applications.

Why choose us

We have a multidisciplinary, highly trained team of specialists from diverse areas, such as IT, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Legal, etc.

We have extensive experience in implementation of BI solutions in diverse sectors of activity both nationally and internationally.

We have our own methodology and own applications developed and proven in national and international organizations of a variety of sizes and sectors of activity.

We support our practice with highly sophisticated technological tools and systems.

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