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Obtaining tax benefits

In the framework of the Investment Promotion and Protection Law, we provide comprehensive support to our clients on analysis of the best strategy for maximizing tax benefits in line with the company’s reality and the current investment promotion regime.

Our methodological approach

Based on our extensive experience in presentation of Investment Projects to the Investment Law Application Commission (COMAP), we have developed the following methodology:

  • We analyze and suggest the best strategy to follow in project preparation, presentation and tracking, so as to maximize tax benefits depending on the type of project, the general investment promotion regime in effect and the special regimes that may be applicable.
  • We estimate exemptions to be obtained by the company and assess their impact on the investment project.
  • We prepare the documents, spreadsheets and other information necessary for developing the project.
  • We present the final document to the Single Window for Investments of COMAP and other agencies (Central Bank of Uruguay, Ministry of Labor, Uruguayan Chamber of Industries).
  • We track the investment project file throughout all stages until obtaining a resolution promoting the project and granting the tax benefits requested.

Our experience

Since the Investment Promotion Regime took effect we have been among the first firms to advise companies on the presentation of investment projects to COMAP. This has allowed us to be one of the main actors in the market, and we have prepared projects for companies of diverse sizes and sectors of activity.

Our firm has developed a simulator that makes it possible to precisely estimate the benefits that companies can access, by entering the amount of the investment and the indicators the project meets.

Additionally, we keep our clients informed about changes in the regime, as well as in oversight criteria, and follow-up on projects, holding periodic meetings where our professionals analyze and exchange ideas with company management.

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