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Mergers and Acquisitions

We support our clients on their business growth and expansion through M&A processes, in defining and implementing the best integration strategy and maximizing shareholder value.

Successful M&A processes share certain key factors that have to be managed, including:

  • Appropriate selection of target company in line with long-term strategy.
  • Clear definition of objectives and roles in the context of detailed planning.
  • Experience of the integration team.
  • Appropriate risk and resource assessment.
  • Correct definition of target company value and price paid.
  • Cultural alignment of companies.
  • Appropriate process control based on a professional due diligence procedure.

In turn, factors like setting inappropriate strategies, lack of integration process experience, divergent organizational cultures, communication deficiencies, high price allocation or late results can lead to failure of the transition.

The following stages are part of M&A processes:

  • Definition of strategy and assessment (includes allocation of company value).
  • Negotiation (approach and analysis of information).
  • Transaction structuring or financing.
  • Investigation or due diligence.
  • Closing and integration.

Our methodological approach

We collaborate with companies on these processes, supporting investors in the search for and assessment of target companies, as well as those companies seeking to launch a management improvement effort in preparation for an M&A process.

Our methodology covers the following aspects:

  • Support in the search for potential partners and private investors (venture capitals, private equity funds, etc.).
  • Identification of business opportunities.
  • Assessment of investment/disinvestment alternatives.
  • Support on definition of strategy and business structuring.
  • Identification of potential synergies and opportunities deriving from the business combination.
  • Analysis of evolution of the sector in which the target company does business.
  • Preparation of financial model to determine the company’s value range.
  • Application of relative valuation methods, through analysis of information on comparable companies contained in global knowledge bases.
  • Collaboration on determining optimum financial structure and preparation and analysis of financial information.
  • Tax analysis of different business opportunities.
  • Legal analysis – preparation of M&A process documentation (confidentiality agreement, memorandum of understanding, purchase-sale agreement, etc.).
  • Performance of purchase due diligence (financial, legal, regulatory, operating, technology, tax).
  • Collaboration on integration planning, implementation and follow-up.
  • Support on change management processes.

Our experience

Given the complexity of M&A processes it is key to conduct analyses from different perspectives.

CPA Ferrere and FERRERE Abogados constitute one of Uruguay’s largest and most renowned professional services organizations. We share the same values, as well as unified management and coherent quality standards, ethics, and business practices. This affords our clients the possibility of having the support of a professional and technical team specializing in different areas (economic analysis, management, finance, accounting, taxes, legal, etc.), which is a major competitive advantage making it possible to approach each M&A process with the right group of experts.

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