Financial Consulting


At CPA Ferrere we have broad experience in advising foreign investors on planning and launching their businesses in Uruguay.

Our Financial Consulting department supports international companies in preparing and assessing business plans, obtaining project financing, tax optimization and access to benefits under the Investment Promotion and Protection System, and M&A processes, including selection and valuation of target company assets.


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Area leaders Financial Consulting

  • Cr. Bruno GiliCr. Bruno Gili
  • Cra. Leticia BonjourCra. Leticia Bonjour
  • Cra. Jennifer ManguianCra. Jennifer Manguian
  • Cr. Enrique NoalCr. Enrique Noal
  • Cra. Marianela TejeraCra. Marianela Tejera
  • Cr. Leandro BurasteroCr. Leandro Burastero
  • Ec. Santiago RegoEc. Santiago Rego
  • Cra. Josefina VidalCra. Josefina Vidal
  • Lic. Belén MersingLic. Belén Mersing
  • Lic. Andres CazalesLic. Andres Cazales
  • Cr. Agustín De LeónCr. Agustín De León