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Since 1996 CPA has been providing professional services in the areas of Accounting, Economic, Financial, Management, Human Resources, Taxes, Auditing Consultancy and Technology.

  • Our clients always come first. We look after our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. To that end, we focus on understanding each client’s reality and needs.
  • The solutions we design and implement are pertinent and feasible. They are result-oriented and the outcome of strict application of methodologies and work processes based on international technologies and standards.
  • The key to our business is the quality of our staff. To that end, we select and maintain a staff of the market’s best and most motivated professionals. All of them are truly committed to the firm’s goals and practices.
  • Our clients’ information is confidential and sacred. Our staff understands this before becoming aware of what they are working on and for whom.
  • Social responsibility is part of our business. In that light, all our professional services are performed within a corporative social responsibility framework. Additionally, as a member of the community we collaborate on different charitable activities and pro-bono activities.

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Our policy

General policies and corporative decisions are entirely taken in Uruguay.